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Working Together

What We Need

Find Your Niche

If you have professional expertise, connections or experience  in any of the areas below, we would love for you to join Tribe TC. Together, there is nothing we can't accomplish. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work! 

Administrative Assistant

Audio Engineer


Grant Writer


Music Industry


Social Media

Web Development


And more...

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How To Help

Volunteer Your Time

This is the simplest and most fundamental way that one can give back with The Cause. Time is a commodity that every human has at their expenditure. At The Cause, we honor and value every method of support that we are gifted with, no matter how seemingly small, because it is all going to the same mission of putting an end end homelessness. Whether you are a professional teaching a skill, a college student gaining experience and building up their resume, or simply someone who wants to be plugged in wherever they are needed, your presence is welcomed and much needed.

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Make a Donation

Leave A Legacy

Want to join our efforts but not sure where to start? Consider making a donation of your desired amount to The Cause, where all of the proceeds go towards our efforts to offer and distribute much needed support to our homeless and low income population, until we see an end to homelessness. While you may not have the time to teach or volunteer, you will be right there with us on the front lines when you lend your generosity to The Cause. 

Consider making a one-time monetary donation, or partnering with us via a recurring donation.

Make Connections


For those of you who are a whiz at networking and who have a wealth of connections at your fingertips, we need you! From garnering partnerships with social media giants to liaising with musical artists for collaborations, to locating real estate to securing newspaper articles or television spots, your contribution is the way that we will unite the various industries and professionals of the USA to work together to put an end to this tragic social epidemic. The Cause needs you!

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